November update

Hello to all our wonderful ‘Poisoned Pawn’ project followers! It has been a while since our last update, but we did say that we were going to utilize our time to concentrate on getting the job done, and boy have we been hard at work!

While it may appear that the project has gone “dark”, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we have successfully created a working and playable closed demo of the game! A “closed demo” is basically a working, fully-functional demo of the game that is not intended to be released to the public. We created it is part of the submission criteria for MAGfest’s MIVS showcase (also known as the ‘MAGfest Indie Videogame Showcase’). One of the requirements for being eligible for the showcase was to provide a playable demo of our game. And guess what: We have been chosen to showcase our game at MAGfest 2017!

We will not be releasing this demo to the public, but you will have a chance to give The Poisoned Pawn a spin! MAGfest is taking place in National Harbor, DC (more details, visit: between January 5-8, 2017. If you can attend the Con (and I strongly recommend you do, as it is the biggest geek con of is type), you can come see our booth at MIVS! There, we will have a playable demo! Our goal is not now only allowing players to experience the game, but hopefully (fingers crossed) showcase a work-in-progress: VR experience, 4K full motion video sequences, as well as full gamepad support. All of which (by the way) are already integrated into the game… but will hopefully be polished before the con!

So, can we still see the demo?

Well… okaaaaay. We have uploaded the gameplay demo we presented to the MIVS folks. It is available to watch on YouTube. We have carefully removed some elements of the demo (particularly some puzzle and location spoilers) but from the almost 20-minute video, you can get an idea of where the game is at in development.

You can check it out here:

The tech is ever-evolving:

We have been consistently remaining up-to-late with the latest versions of Unity, which means we have been gradually implementing all the new tech that comes along. Both Holger and Darren have been doing a FANTASTIC job of this, and their drive, enthusiasm and every-growing skills are helping the game involve into something phenomenal. We are, of course, equally blessed to have Karen on-board, who has provided us with some amazing models and design elements to help bring the environments to life!

The names you see which feature on the main titles sequence of the demo represent the core team members of the project. We still have more members of the team contribution various resources and assets, whose roles and responsibilities will be showcased in time.

We have listened to you!

Remember that survey you all took about Tex Murphy? Well, Mat has been gradually reading through all your responses, and the core team has regular discussions about all the features we can integrate into the game to make it the Tex Murphy experience YOU wanted! You will see some of these already in demo we created (see below for more info on checking out the demo).

4K video? We’re working on it!

We have been hard at work testing 4K video implementation into the game. I won’t tell you it has been easy… but we are making good progress. We are confident that by the time we complete the game, we will have successfully implemented a smooth 4K video experience for all machines that will meet our minimum spec. The biggest challenge is ensuring a consistent experience for all players, and we are going to do our best to deliver.

I will note that we are aiming for 4K resolution only for all NEW FMV content. The existing Overseer footage will likely be presented in remastered 720P. We have made this decision as it is a best balance of efficiently and quality.

More updates to come?

We will endeavor to deliver more screenshots, more progress updates and more news about the game more regularly. It is a tough balance trying to walk line between keeping our heads down and pausing to release content and updates, but we will do our best.

Is there anything our followers can do to help?

Yes! Now that we are making excellent progress you can help us by getting the word out about the game! We know that, in general, folks “know” about it… but we could use a boost! We encourage all of you to check out the latest demo video, and share the latest news and updates on any of the forums or social platforms you see fit!

That’s all for now folks! Please stay tuned for more updates.