New website, new update, new Unity version, all-new directive!

Moon Child Shuttle

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Poisoned Pawn’s brand new website. In order to continue putting our best foot forward we have revamped the design, streamlined the content, and spit-shined this baby to a high sheen! But, we would be amiss if we didn’t also have a bunch of updates and content to share with you, so let’s get right into it!

Wait, was that the Moon Child on the front page?

Yes… yes it was. Next question…

But seriously… let’s delve a bit deeper. Some of you may be aware that the scope of the Poisoned Pawn has expanded beyond just “an Overseer remake”.

So is this now a sequel, a remake, a reboot, a re-imagining? Are you Marvel?

While we are revisiting various aspects of Tex’s past (with a primary focus on Overseer), this story takes place in 2050, right after the events of Tesla Effect, and explores some of the most iconic moments from Tex’s previous cases in a whole new light. This is to prepare both players and Tex himself for the big finale. Nothing in the Tex Murphy universe (since the events of Mean Streets) has been an accident. The game has been played, the pieces have been set, and now it is time to look back and pay closer attention to the man behind the curtain, before making the final move.

So does that mean we will get another Tex game after this?

We can only hope. But ultimately this is up to YOU.

It has always been a goal of both ours and the original Tex Murphy team to see the series finished. But as we are all fully aware: Tex Murphy deserves to go out with a BIG bang (ideally, in space). But in order to make a game that is capable of doing justice to the Tex Murphy universe, it would need to be be big, costly and involved.

The Poisoned Pawn is not only a game, but a proof of concept of sorts, which will enable us to gauge Tex’s popularity in today’s market. This is why the Chaotic Fusion team are putting their best foot forward. If we can get The Poisoned Pawn to be a market success, and succeed in bringing Tex Murphy to new audiences, this will increase our chances of justifying the cost and time dedication required to round-off the series appropriately.

So, if you would like to see both Poisoned Pawn succeed, thus potentially paving the way for the big finale to the Tex Murphy universe, it will be up to all of us to help make this project a success!

So, help spread the word: The Poisoned Pawn is act one of Tex’s big finale, and the next title in the Tex Murphy series.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about how the game is progressing!

We’ve upgraded to Unity 5.6

Holger and Darren spent the better part of 3 weeks recently migrating the game to Unity 5.6. It was a pretty massive undertaking, but major Kudos to both of these wonderfully talented folks for completing the task, thus enabling The Poisoned Pawn to take full advantage of the latest technologies Unity has to offer! The list of enhancements we’ve been able to add is massive. Here is just a few things we have implemented since upgrading:

Brand new Full Motion Video engine – part of Unity’s new video system

This will enable us to deliver our 4K Full Motion Video content with stellar performance, scaleable across a wide variety of platforms and hardware. This means that regardless of what system The Poisoned Pawn is playing on, we have a unified approach to delivering crystal clear Full Motion Video to your screens that no longer relies on 3rd party tools (THANK GOD!). Don’t have 4K hardware? Don’t worry! Because the new video engine performs so well, the 4K video will scale down to virtually any resolution without being too costly on performance.

A new approach to lighting, and post processing effects

Unity 5.6 delivered a whole new lighting pipeline, which meant our dear Holger had to painstakingly re-light ALL of the environments created so far. He loved doing this. Right Holger? But, being the talented lad that he is: he didn’t just resolve the lighting, he evolved it. The lighting in the game is now more realistic than ever, and we have switched from the Gamma space to Linear, which provides a much more accurate and immersive look. On top of the new lighting model, we have begun experimenting with volumetrics, post-processing effects like HDR, Bloom and Motion Blur (all which will be adjustable via a comprehensive settings menu). These features are all in the experimental stage, but we have been very happy with the results so far.


I think I can see my house from here.


When you travel with us, you travel in style.

Poisoned Pawn DOF Test

Depth of field – Experimenting with post-processing effects in The Poisoned Pawn

Overall performance enhancements

As with any new engine update, a good team must ensure performance remains a top priority. Darren has begun investigating ways to help improve load times for the game and its locations, while Holger has begun optimizing locations to perform well across different hardware performance tiers. The Poisoned Pawn is a massive project, so it has always been out goal to ensure the game looks and plays like a fully-immersive Triple A title, while performing extremely well on a wide variety of systems.

So what does this mean for system requirements?

It’s simply too early to tell what the system requirements or min-spec will be. We will continue to optimize performance at the same time we continue to develop and improve the game. It has always been Chaotic Fusion’s philosophy to: Optimize, optimize, and optimize again.

“This is the first full-featured VR title you have to play.”

Those were the words of popular YouTube personality Shane Luis (RerezTV) when he stopped by our booth to play a demo of The Poisoned Pawn at MIVS (MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase) back in January 2017. We are huge fans of VR here at Chaotic Fusion. More importantly: we are huge fans of bringing VR to the First Person Adventure Game universe! While we have been very impressed with some of the titles appearing on the VR marketplaces, many of these titles are very short, almost tech-demos for the hardware. The Poisoned Pawn is going to be one of the very first fully-featured VR titles of its kind! We say this because we don’t consider VR in our title to be an afterthought… we are seriously investigating ways to enhance the overall experience via the use of creative VR gameplay mechanics.

Imagine, being immersed in Tex’s world, investigating your surroundings and being able to physically interact with your environment with the touch / hand controllers. The possibilities are endless. We are all very excited about how VR is going to integrate into the Tex Murphy universe, and let us be the first to say: there will be things in The Poisoned Pawn’s VR  world that you will never have experienced before. But don’t worry if you don’t have VR… there is no VR exclusive content you will be missing out on.

Shane Luis from RerezTV plays The Poisoned Pawn at MAGFest (January 8, 2017)

A brand-new orchestrated soundtrack

Mat Van Rhoon has commenced writing the orchestrated soundtrack for The Poisoned Pawn. It has been both a wonderful and challenging experience. It was very important to the Chaotic Fusion team that the overall essence of Tex Murphy was maintained in the new music soundtrack. Rest assured: we would not dream of replacing some of Matt Heider’s most iconic music from the original game. We have built upon the thematic elements first introduced by Matt, and commenced creating an orchestrated musical soundtrack that harmoniously expands Tex Murphy’s musical universe. A demo of the main theme is available to listen to below. Those of you familiar with the Overseer soundtrack will immediately notice some of Tex’s most notable themes present in the piece.

Lights, camera, action!

We are almost at the point where we will commence filming the all new Full Motion Video content. Tex Murphy (Chris Jones) will be reprising his role as Tex Murphy, alongside St. Germaine (Jason Tatom) as they delve deeper into Tex’s past to learn, with greater clarity, not only the events of Overseer, but how pivotal events from all of Tex’s previous cases tie into Tex’s future. We may even see the return of a few other iconic Chandler avenue characters as well!

The Team

Mat Van Rhoon (not pictured) goes on an excursion with Aaron Conners, Doug Vandegrift and Chris Jones to visit various local studios.

As for the technical aspects of the shoot; we are currently investigating the best 4K video pipeline that will suit our needs. One of the biggest issues with Tesla Effect ended up being the camera that we used for the shoot. While the Canon C100 did a fantastic job of providing a true “cinematic” feel, the AVCHD codec which we recorded to was very difficult to work with in post-production due to the compressed 4:2:0 subsampling (that’s bad, by the way). This made green screen VFX post work really difficult, and given the sheer amount of shots in the game (roughly 2,800 in fact), and virtually one guy working on all of them, it was difficult to maintain consistency across the board. This time, we are going to ensure we have the highest fidelity source material to work with… this means a full 4:4:4 subsampling pipeline (that’s good, by the way!) and ideally a RAW file format. We also visited various local studios and toured their facilities, looking for the perfect space to shoot our FMV.

And that’s it for now!

Thanks for checking out another exciting update. We certainly hope it has provided you with a greater insight into the progress of the project. We are still not closer to having a concrete release date set as yet. We are still doing our best to aim for an end of 2017 release. However, coming up in February 2018, we will be celebrating Overseer’s 20th anniversary. A pivotal date in the Tex Murphy universe perhaps? Who knows. In the meantime, we will keep chipping away at the game, and hope to deliver another update soon.

If you would like to ask any questions or participate in the conversation, you may use the comments section of this article!

Take care for now.

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  1. James LeMosy

    Simply astonishing work, everyone!!! I am gobsmacked by the dedication and attention to detail shown by the team, and can’t wait to play this new chapter in Tex’s story!

  2. Waiwaiwaiwaiwait… Are you actually saying we might be revisiting some bits and pieces from Martian Memorandum, Under a Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive as well as Overseer?


    Suddenly, this game becomes gargantuesquly Delores Lightbody sized… What am I saying, SAPHYRE-SIZED! ARDO-SIZED!

    Ok, I’m putting my expectations in check now (pun not intended.) I’m going to let the game be what it is and enjoy it instead of expecting the moon, child.

    (pun intended.)

    Seriously, that new directive and story direction feels totally brilliant. Bravo and good luck to everyone at Chaotic Fusion.

  3. The video sample was perfect! I’m intrigued how Aaron Conners will fit aspects of all Tex Murphy games in the new case. That must be the most difficult puzzle ever, but if someone can do it, it’s him. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Thanks for the update. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to play. I know it’s a longshot to bring it to the PS VR, but man, I would love to play a Tex Murphy game in VR.

  5. Tet Yoon Lee

    An interesting development, means I’m looking forward to Poisoned Pawn a lot more. Is interesting that Mean Streets/Overseer is going to have effectively been retold by Tex twice, guess this reflects its importance in his life.

    Hope Poisioned Pawn does succeed!

  6. Somehow when I think I cant want this game any faster, you find a way to make me want it even more! An overseer remake was great enough but for this to be the next game in the series is freek’n awesome!

    My only question is that there were thoughts/comments back when this first started that UaKM and PD could possibly be redone too… are you saying parts of those games will be included in this game now too?!?

  7. Fantastic work everyone! I cant wait to get this in my grubby little hands!!

  8. That’s great to hear! While I’d still love (and happily pay for) an updated UaKM & PD someday, I’ll gladly take any new Tex I can get 🙂

  9. Ed Harper

    Wonderful update! So much to look forward to. I get so much enjoyment out of the games and books of this series. Congratulations on your progress and thanks for your hard work.

  10. Great news, if you would do a croudfunding for the next chapter, you can count on my support. I love Tex since Martian Memorandum (I played Mean Street aber Martian Memorandum)
    The new Unity Engine looks really nice for an adventure game. All in all wonderful update.

  11. Amplifier

    My heart is a fluttered…all of you are absolutely down right amazing!! Please keep striving for the stars & we will on be keeping Tex’s future bright!! Might have to buy two copies of this one, one enjoyment & another safe keeping!!

  12. Miroslav Štastný

    Amazing! Can’t wait!

  13. Fantastic! Keep up the good work! Eagerly awaiting Aaron Conners next book release too! More Tex the better!

  14. My first experience with Tex was when I purchased Pandora Directive at a local Electronics Boutique game store when the game first came out. Since then I’ve bought and played every single Tex Murphy title. I was amazed at the concept of FMV when I first played Pandora, and the multiple endings solidified my love for the genre/series. I eagerly await The Poisoned Pawn and look forward to following the updates on its progress!

  15. I Have never played any of these games those that have played them say cant wait for more tex games .are there any updates onthis new one that is coming out there was another one that I heard about called the telsa effect I think where could I purchase this one.

  16. Shut up and take my money!

  17. So pleased about this. I’ve played all the Tex games ( as they came out). I liked Tesla Effect but my favorite was Pandora. Are you still looking good for 2018?

  18. Is this game still in production?

  19. Is Chelsea coming back? Surely you can’t have Tex without his gal!!

  20. My god I just found out about the Tesla effect!! Haven’t played since overseer. I’d have remortgaged my home to get another game made!! Tex Murphy had a mystical quality that I can’t explain. How can I stay up to date?

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