July 2017 Update – New trailer and Con info!

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Hello dear Tex Murphy fans! High time we had another update on The Poisoned Pawn, don’t you say?

New Trailer

Firstly, you may have noticed a new trailer released today. This latest trailer was created to showcase the game at Awesomecon (Washington DC, Mar/Apr), Salt Lake Gaming Con (Salt Lake City, July), and the upcoming AVCon in Adelaide, Australia. There is quite a lot of new content and locations presented in this new trailer – many of which existing fans will instantly recognize.

You will also notice the team has been putting extra time and attention into the details that bring the environments to life. There is no stone un-turned when it comes to creating the world you will get to explore. Every light, display, animation, asset, background or foreground is being constructed with care and purpose to immerse the player in a rich world that is truly ALIVE. We want you to be able to play the game multiple times and notice something new every time.

Holger has done a fantastic job evolving his skill along the way, adding new content and features that enable us to achieve the type of visual fidelity that earned our game the reputation of: “Oh, that one that looks like the triple A title” at Awesomecon.

We are upgrading the platform… yet again

Our programming lead Darren began investigating upgrading our engine to the latest version of Unity (2017), so far the results have been promising. After AVCon (this week) we will be looking to transition over to the new platform and take advantage of all the cool features it offers.

We are extremely happy with the results working with Unity. In fact, one of regular comments we get (when showcasing the game at the convention) is: “Oh, this looks great… I see you’re using Unreal”. Ultimately, we chose Unity because of the advantages it offered that were specific to our team and our project. We are very flattered that the skills being utilized in the creation of the game have been able to bridge the perception gap, enabling many players to realize Unity holds up very well compared to other engines, and that it can look “AAA” with a dedicated and talented team at the helm.

Cons, cons, cons!

We mentioned above that we showcased the game at Awesomecon and Salt Lake Gaming Con. Both were extremely successful. For Awesomecon, we showcased the 3D/desktop version of the game, and players got to experience a few locations with the Xbox 360 controller. For SLGC we presented a handful of new levels in VR, which really blew audiences away. We are aiming for an extremely intuitive user experience for the VR version of the game, and so far feedback has been extremely positive.

A note on the live stream that was schedules for July 8…

Some folks expressed concerns, as they were expecting a sit-down Q&A stream (and we were too, to be honest), but allow us to clarify with this statement we release on Twitter and Facebook shortly after SLGC:

While it was unfortunate we could not host a proper Q&A stream (with Aaron, and maybe Chris), we hoped that this short experience would suffice in the meantime. The dates for the scheduled live stream were set before we knew we were going to have a booth at Salt Lake Gaming Con. After this announcement, all team members were hard at work to get a demo completed to showcase to the attendees. Their hard work and dedication to deliver what we were able to showcase was miraculous… but this meant that the scheduled stream date sneaked up on us. So we decided: rather than cancel the stream, it could be a good opportunity to allow those who were not able to attend to see the game and the booth. We were, however, relying on mobile data while presenting in a crowded environment, so we apologize if the quality was lacking.

That said: we are going to make up for this and schedule a new date for a new stream. This will be a proper sit-down session with the Chaotic Fusion team, and we are going to try and bring Chris and Aaron in to offer their perspective, and showcase more of the game in a much more suited environment for all.

We are currently working out a new date where we can hold the proper sit-down Q&A session.

The story

Aaron has finished a first draft of the Poisoned Pawn story, which a lot of the in-game content and cinematics will be based off. He is currently revising the story, and will soon begin scripting the scenes for the FMV shoot which will be coming up soon. We are all very excited to read Aaron’s polished and complete Poisoned Pawn story, and continue working closely with him to help bring the story of The Poisoned Pawn to life in the game.

Donations, contributions and pre-orders

Some of you have expressed interest in donating, contributing or pre ordering for the project. We are super humbled and flattered by this gesture. While we do not have anything in place to accept these offers, if you are interested we may have something set up for this in the near future, so please stick around and we will keep you posted! Once again: we are really thankful for these gestures.

So, when is it coming out?

We are still aiming for early 2018. That has not really changed… granted, we all know game development is almost always a case of: “90%, and then the *other* 90%” – but we are doing our best to stay on target, and will advise folks if that is going to change, in advance.

That’s all for now folks. Time for us to get back to work! We will keep folks posted via Social Media (please follow us on Twitter if you are not already @ChaoticFusionTM) and look forward to sharing more news in the next update!

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  1. Exciting update as always. Makes me wish I still lived in Salt Lake, so I could have attended and seen the game in VR!

  2. At last!!!, an update,,please more frecuently!!!At least 2 a month!!!! we are hungry for newssss!!!!

  3. Woowww, ive just seen the updated trailer its awesome, if this is just a preview and early , it looks so real and realistic, i cant imagine what would be the game!!! you are doing your homework boys, well done!!! it just seems that you need someone who attends this webpage, i mean not you , someone who dedicate exclusive to the web for the fans you know the game deserves it and it will be a good inversion to atract more fans , it seems pretty slow here you can make a great event here with dayly news of the process and a lot of stuff, content , a chat , prices, preorder system with merchandasing of the game, etc, it seems like you are pretty busy for this job, just spend a few bucks for a manager of the web to make us even more with you, we love Tex same like you!!!! i am 45 years perhaps so, prehaps more than you1!! 😉 good work guys

  4. Avatar Miroslav Štastný


  5. Awesome update as usual guys! One question, has the controls been finalized yet because that can really make or break a game for me. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m a mouse guy so I greatly preferred UaKM & PD controls to say Tesla. Was way easier for me to move with mouse and just use keyboard when I had to look up/down. Just curious, thanks!

    1. Chaotic Fusion Chaotic Fusion

      Cory, thanks for the comment, and for bringing control scheme to our attention. You perspective is very interesting and we will definitely look into providing options that accommodate the style of control you are after.

  6. Avatar Russell Deitch

    @Chaotic Fusion, fantastic job so far. I’m in the contribute if I can camp and I also echo Cory – I’m still a mouse and keyboard point and click guy at heart.

  7. So from what I can tell is that this is a remake of a remake? I liked Oversear but changing platforms IS EXACTLY WHY IT FAILED. DVD was not ready for prime time (I still have the DVD), and honestly didn’t work. I am happy this exists and I will buy it, but I am discouraged that you made another remake of a game (assuming from what the trailer and your website information shows)

    1. Chaotic Fusion Chaotic Fusion

      Hi Eric, thanks for the comment! To Clarify… this project began as a remake of Overseer to overcome some of the incompatibility issues the original game had (as you mentioned)… but has since evolved into a stand-alone game with enough new content to consider it a stand-alone title that continues after Tesla Effect. While it will continue to have strong links to the Overseer story, Aaron Conners has written the games’ story to be a fully-fledged canon continuation of the Tex Murphy universe. Hope this helps clarify!

  8. Great! I will buy it just like I did with Tesla Effect. I hope the new game focuses more on the street with all his friends and not some random location, for some random item. That was every downfall of Pandora Directive (The first third of that game is great), Overseer, and Tesla Effect.

  9. Getting close to another update? Pretty please 😉

  10. New trailer is looking good guys! Only room I see for improvement is in the game environment (the actual game play scenes; they look just a tad “hollow” for lack of a better term), and some of the effects like the pipes falling look lacking in some realism. But overall really nice work and I’m so excited for this game.

    1. Chaotic Fusion Chaotic Fusion

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, these environments are still early alpha and will be populated with more detail in time. 🙂

  11. Just read on BFG’s site that the game is now not expected until late 2018/early 2019 … is this true? if so, has there been a delay? I swear I thought I read an early-mid 2018 release.

  12. Been quite awhile since we’ve had an update, hope everything is proceeding well. Are we any closer to knowing the required specs for the game? I ask because I’ll be building a new PC soon and I’d love to make sure I get good enough components for this. Thanks!

  13. Hey guys. Getting hungry for an update. Any word yet on a revised release date as 2018 is nearly over? Even just something saying you are still continuing with this project and making progress. Why not utilise crwowdfunding as done with Tesla? It might help you get there sooner and there would certainly be no shortage of backers. What you have done so far looks amazing. Keep at it. Cheers!

    1. Chaotic Fusion Chaotic Fusion

      We are indeed still working on it, and knee deep in production. We apologize for no updates, but we are planning one soon. We appreciate everybody’s patience, and look forward to delivering a fantastic new game!

  14. An update was posted on the May 2019 post at Aaron Conners dot net: “The game is coming along slowly but surely (scroll down for a story synopsis & screenshot). A release date is still a ways off, but please check back for updates.”

    Most of their updates since July 2017 were posted on their twitter page https://twitter.com/chaoticfusiontm?lang=en . But they were mostly small updates such as 1 or 2 pictures and such.

  15. Earlier updates before 2016 can be found in the Big Finish Games forum where they were originally posted:


  16. Was hoping for a positive update in this year 2021. Oh how nice it would be to have a new VR game of this series to be trying out this year at some point. Cant wait for a new update. I know in the midst of this pandemic there have been challenges but still hoping something is coming along. Thanks for all your team has done. Been close to this series since I was 7 years old.

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