About the Game
The Poisoned Pawn
Sci-fi Cyberpunk Noir
The Poisoned Pawn
Release: TBC
Global Release
Chaotic Fusion (in association with Big Finish Games)

In this cyberpunk, film noir, dystopian sci-fi adventure, you play as Tex Murphy, a typical 1940's gumshoe detective. Except, it's the 2050's. A post apocalyptic world has risen from the ashes of World War III and stands divided. New San Francisco sits atop the rubble of the old city. It's a city of glitz and glamour hiding a sinister undertone: a population segregated between those immune to the nuclear fallout (Norms) and those less fortunate (Mutants). Just outside the new city lies Old San Francisco, a vastly ignored reminder of a dark past, and home to the mutant population, and Tex himself.

In this latest adventure, the year is 2050. Shortly after the events of Tesla Effect (the 2014 adventure title) Tex Murphy (Chris Jones), with the guidance of St. Germaine (Jason Tatom), must revisit some of his most gripping cases in order to decipher his true past, and prepare him for an uncertain future.

The technology

Utilizing the latest in VR, immersive design and technology

4K Full Motion Video - Cross-platform 4K Full Motion Video Support, with scaleable perofmance
VR Support - Oculus VR support with touch (plans for Vive*)
Twitch Integration - Social gaming integration, helps to connect players with audiences
Dynamic Hint System - Play with confidence, and enjoy the game however you play it

…an independent title with Triple A dedication.

* Currently only Oculus and Oculus Touch are supported. Vive support will depend on future development and dev kit access, etc.

New orchestrated soundtrack

…paired harmoniously alongside Matt Heider’s original music, expanding the Tex Murphy musical universe.

The team

A truly international team of dedicated developers

Germany - Design Lead, Level Design, Scripting
Australia - Lead Programmer, Scripting, VR Design, Integration
Belgium - 3D Modelling, 2D Art
United States - Producer & Game Designer, VFX, Music & Sound

…serious about adventure games.

Important Dates
Documentary premiere and live special event
To celebrate the release of the Tex Murphy documentary, we will be hosting a LIVE STREAM premiere on Twitch. Followed by a new Q&A stream with the Chaotic Fusion team and Aaron Conners. Event times are: 8pm UTC/GMT, 3pm EST, 12pm PST, 9pm CET - all times are still Saturday December 2nd)
Previous Game Reviews

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

9/10 Steam player rating
4.6/5 GOG player rating
500,000 copies
BEST ADVENTURE Adventure Gamers Readers Choice 2014
BEST CHARACTER Adventure Gamers Aggies 2014
85% Metacritic User Score

We will continue Tex Murphy’s long-standing tradition as a well-respected adventure gaming icon.

Blog & News

Follow the latest developments, add your comments and feedback.

July 2017 Update – New trailer and Con info!
Hello dear Tex Murphy fans! High time we had another update on The Poisoned Pawn, don’t you say? New Trailer Firstly, you may have noticed a new trailer released today. This latest trailer was created to showcase the game at Awesomecon (Washington DC, Mar/Apr), Salt Lake Gaming Con (Salt Lake City, July), and the upcoming...
New website, new update, new Unity version, all-new directive!
Hello everybody, and welcome to the Poisoned Pawn’s brand new website. In order to continue putting our best foot forward we have revamped the design, streamlined the content, and spit-shined this baby to a high sheen! But, we would be amiss if we didn’t also have a bunch of updates and content to share with you, so...
The Poisoned Pawn at MAGFest 2017 Indie Videogame Showcase (MIVS)
MAGFest 2017… otherwise known as the Music and Gaming Festival is a MASSIVE event that happens every year, and the most recent offerings have been at Maryland’s Nation Harbor at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. It features live music concerts with acts inspired by video game music and gaming culture, arcade / console...
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